There are a fast growing number or educational tech tools available for educators, which can be quite overwhelming and time consuming to say the least. This presentation explores two technological platforms, Instagram and Kahoot, that have proved to be a complete success on a pedagogical level in my lessons for all levels of students.

Since this presentation there has been quite a buzz about incorporating these tools into lesson plans. The feedback has been only positive, and it has been quite a treat to see teachers using them and students enjoying them as I walk past classrooms.

In future blog posts I will go into more detail on how to use each of these platforms to the best of their capabilities. This post is simply an outline of the presentation.

SPLIT INTO 2 PARTS (35 minute – 45 minute presentation)

PART 1: Instagram

  1. A quick introduction – Why educational technology is an asset to any class.
  2. A summary of how to use Instagram with your students
  3. Some practical examples outining how I have used or intend to use Instagram
  4. Some limitations and problems with using social media – in particular, Instagram
  5. How to solve these problems
  6. Provide handout (A4 page of creative activities)

PART 2: Kahoot

  1. A quick introduction
  2. Example activity – learn by doing. We play an activity that I made for my intermediate English conversation class. (individual mode)
  3. A summary of how to use best use Kahoot with your students
  4. Another example activity – General knowledge quiz (team mode)
  5. More practical examples of how to use Kahoot.
  6. Conclusion.

This presentation can be extended to a 1 hour workshop where participants get hands on experience on how to make activities.

  1. The session participance are split into teams of three or four.
  2. Each group is given a topic to research and have to make 3 questions based on that topic.
  3. The questions must contain a variety of question types (using video, gifs, images, time limits, etc.)
  4. Groups add their questions to the session account (set up in advance by me)
  5. Everyone plays the game in team mode.
  6. Finish on a high with a Q&A



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