‘Experience’ Music visualization


This music spark combines the beautiful music of Ludovico Einaudi and the stunning visuals of leonardo dalessandri.  Atmospheric music has the power to unlock students’ emotions and tap into their imagination.

Music: ‘Experience’ – Ludovico Einaudi (http://www.ludovicoeinaudi.com/)

Video: ‘Watchtower of Turkey’-leonardo dalessandri (https://vimeo.com/108018156)

  1. Students are asked to close their eyes and focus on the music.

  2. Whilst intently listening, students use their imagination to create a visual representation of the music. They think about where they are, what they can see, hear, touch and feel.

  3. After listening, students share their ideas with a partner and compare their visualisations.

  4. Ask students to give a title to the music.

  5. The teacher asks students to share their ideas on the board.

  6. Ss now watch the music video and compare their visualisation to the video.

  7. Was the film how they imagined it would be? How?

  8. Does the music accompany the visuals well? Why?

  9. Would you like to live there? Why?

  10. Expand the activity – (i) Students create a story/poem using the music.

(ii) Students share an emotive piece of music and discuss how it makes them feel.


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