New Year Resolutions


This heartwarming Christmas advert (see below) from Allegro is the perfect spark to talk about both new year resolutions and the best ways to learn a language.

This lesson culminates into an engaging and student centered project where students build and discuss their goals and aspirations for the new year. (suitable for mixed abilities)

“This story can easily be understood by any other nation or community who can easily link the happy ending of a smile and tears of emotion in their daily human experience.” Allegro


Ask Ss to share what gifts they received for Christmas.

Set the context:

Tell students you received an amazing gift for Christmas. In groups / Whole class, Ss have to guess what you received.

My gift example: A guitar – Give 3 hints:

  • It has a neck
  • It makes a noise
  • It’s made of wood
Introduce the concept of New Year Resolutions:

Elicit resolution: example

My goal is to play the guitar at a friend’s wedding.  So, my plan this year is to learn  how to play the guitar. 

My New Year (what?) is to learn the guitar

Develop Context: (Language development)
  1. Ask Ss to offer advice on how you can achieve your resolution.

 Learn from YouTube videos, play to friends, join a guitar group, practice every day. etc.

Brainstorm: (mind map)

Before you make your own resolutions, In groups, guess what you think are the 5 most common New Year Resolutions were for last year, 2016.

Top answers:


Pre Watching Questions:

Show the image above and ask Ss to predict the answers to the following questions:

  1. What did he receive for Christmas?
  2. Who gave him the present?
  3. What’s his New Years resolution?
  4. Why do you think he wants to learn English?
While Watching: (check predictions &…)
  1. How does he achieve his resolution?
  2. Ask Ss to note the steps he takes to achieve his resolution.

STOP video at 1:40

Show this image:


  1. In groups Ss compile the steps he takes to learn English.

Suggested answers: Watches movies, repeats vocabulary, recites phrases out loud, puts stickers on household objects, listens to audio, etc.

Play video from 1:40 – 2:20

  1. Ask Ss (in pairs) to predict where he is going and what happens next?

Play video till the end and get ready for the heartwarming conclusion.

  • Cue tears all around.
Post watching: (Discuss in groups or pairs)
  1. Why was it so important for him to achieve his resolution?
  2. Open Class Feedback.
  3. Finish with the NYR project below

New Year Resolutions Project:

Now it’s time for the students to talk about their own new years resolutions

In groups/pairs, Ss discuss their New Years resolutions.

  1. Ss help each other decide on a plan of action to best achieve their resolutions.
Build a visonboard:

Ss make a list/vision board of their small achievable goals/steps.

Using Padlet/Poster Paper to display their ideas and goals, Ss share their resolutions with the class.

Tip: By sticking the posters to the classroom walls, as a class and facilitated by the teacher, Ss can monitor their successes throughout the year.


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