We’re about to start our new semester and this the perfect time to think about engaging introduction activities.this-is-me

We find that using images is always a great way to spark an interest and provoke conversation.  Therefore, in this introduction lesson we use images to prompt questions and at the same time introduce ourselves to students.  Following this, we ask students to introduce themselves using images that are meaningful to them.

This is a great activity for visual learners and our students really enjoy expressing themselves through their chosen images.

How well can you ask questions?

Image spark – Show the image above (or an interesting image of your choice) to elicit questions. Encourage students to be creative with their questions.

  • ex. What’s his/her/its name? Where is he/she/it? Is he/she/it your dog? Can he/she/it talk?  Why…? When...? etc.  (Elicit questions words if necessary)

Questions from images (See PPT above) – Explain to your students that they will be shown 8 images that all relate to your life (choose 8 images that relate to you). In pairs Ss discuss and write down several questions to ask you about each image.  Encourage Ss to be creative with their questions.

  1. Predict the answers (pairs)– Ss look at their questions and try to predict your answers. They discuss in pairs using phrases like – ‘I think… Maybe that’s his/her…’ (write useful prompts on the board)
  2. Question time – Ss take turns asking you their questions. Before you give the answer elicit one or two predictions. Answer the questions and at this point encourage Ss to also ask follow-up questions depending on the answers given.
STEP 3 – #InstaIntro Activity

Students’ Personalised introduction using Instagram

Directions for Ss: (write the following directions on the board)

  1.  Create an instagram account or if you already have one then that’s great, use that.
  2.  Upload 3 images/collage of images related to your life to introduce yourself. These images can be personal photos or images taken from the internet.
  3.  Write a short paragrap for each photo – 4 sentences about yourself and the image(s).
  4. your photo – #selfiintro + class code (eg. #selfintro42)
  5. # your student number (allocate personal numbers to students if they don’t already have one (#2015123456)

note – Having a unique # is important to keep all the images together for one class and also to monitor the Ss who have completed the task. 




Homework – Ss look at their classmate’s introductions and write an encouraging comment or follow-up question.

  • Students like it when the teacher offers feedback and starts discussion on their photos.
  • This activity is a great way to get to know your students and also to collect student generated information to use in class Kahoot! quizzes.

Alternative Activity:

For another introduction idea please click here . Enjoy and happy teaching!

Let’s Share:

We are always on the lookout for engaging activities to try out with our students. If you have any that you’d be interested in sharing with us, please start a conversation in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Happy teaching!


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