Food Glorious Food – Part 1


The following delicious recipe of activities and engaging videos will leave your students feeling hungry and motivated to create their own menu of delights to share with the class.

Quick food sparks

Spark objectives  – Establish context & engage students.

Food Spark 1:
Food From Around The World
  • In pairs Ss have 1minute to write down food items and where they’re from.

ex. Sushi is from Japan.

(Perhaps make it game – Ss with longest list wins – extra points are given for unique answers.)

Food Spark 2:

‘Eat’ (video)

  • Ss watch the video and answer the following questions:
  1. Write down the food you see?
  2. Write down where he is eating these foods.
  3. He is eating pizza in Italy.


Food Spark 3:
InstaFood – Taking the learning beyond the class

Student directions:

  1. Take a picture or video of a food you are eating.
  2. Post it onto the class instagram page.
  3. NB: with younger students please don’t allow them to use their personal accounts. Practice caution when using social media in class.
  4. Say (video)/Write (picture) – two or more sentences describing the food.
  5. # : #foodieat + your class number : ex. #foodieat42
  6. # : Your student number : ex. #2017123456
  7. Comment on other Ss images.


Food Spark 4:

Food fight! Hotseat/taboo (See Slideshare below)

Students have to guess as many images as possible – team players have to describe using only ENGLISH


  1. One team member stands with their back to the screen
  2. That team has to help their team player to guess the item on the screen.
  3. The team cannot say any part of the word on the screen (for an added challenge write more taboo words on the board)
  4. The team have 2 minutes to name as many items as possible
  5. ONLY USE ENGLISH and No gestures.

Possible phrases to elicit before the game begins are:

It’s from…,It looks like…,It has…,….eat it often., You can find it in…., It’s made from…

Food Spark 5:
Stranger Foods – Bear Grills

Establish context:

  • Show Ss an image of ‘Bear Grills’ Ask Ss ‘who is he and what does he do’ etc.
  • Show the ‘grub’ video  : Ask Ss ‘What did he eat and why?’ (He ate a grub for protein and survival.)
  • Be prepared for your students reactions.
  • Optional – provide sick buckets


  • Ss discuss and write a list of strange foods they know from around the world.
  • Introduce some strange foods from your own country – ex. I talk about haggis, black pudding and fried mars bar😛
  • Ask Ss to share and describe any strange foods they have tasted from their country.

Englishman Destroyed by Korean Food


  • Ask Ss if they know or have tried any strange Korean food?
  • Explain that your friend Johnny has just visited Korea and he has tried many strange foods.
  • Show the Ss the video (below).

This video was a huge hit with our students

While watching: Ss answer the following questions:

  • What does Johnny eat?
  • How does Johnny feel about the food?


We are always on the lookout for engaging activities to try out with our students. If you have any food related activities that you’d be interested in sharing with us, please start a conversation in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Happy teaching!


For more delicious food lesson ideas and a fun and tasty project, click here.


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