‘Food Glorious Food’ Part 2

This post is part 2 in the ‘Food Glorious Food’ series. With more delicious activities and engaging videos, you will leave your students feeling hungry and motivated to create their own menu of delights to share with the class. (find part 1 here)

What you will also find in this post, is an idea for a project to bring this topic to a close.  Enjoy!  (all materials provided)

The Watch Tower of Turkey – Culture & Food 
Video Spark:

The video ‘Watchtower of Turkey’ is a beautiful video and a great spark to discuss a country’s landscape, culture and food

  1. Pre watching (prediction!) – Show the image above and ask – ‘What country is this?’ Write Ss predictions on the board.
  2. Whilst watching questions (see video below):
  • What is the landscape like?
  • What is the weather like?
  • What activities are people doing?
  • What food do you see?
  1. Stop the video before the end – Ask Ss ‘What country is this and how do you know?.
  2. Open class feedback – Discuss the answers.
  3. Further discussion – Talk about the connections between a countries climate, geography and food.

WebQuest 1

Ss work together to answer the following ‘food from around the world’ questions:

  1. Where was coffee originally grown? (Ethiopia)
  2. Where does chocolate originate? (Central America)
  3. Where is haggis from? (Scotland)
  4. Where does pasta originate? (China)
  5. Where do potatoes originate? (South America)
  6. What is soy sauce made from? (Soybeans)
  7. Which country is the largest consumer of rice? (China)
  8. Where do yuccas (cassava) grow? (Underground)
  9. What is the main vegetable in Moussaka? (eggplant/Aubergine)
WebQuest 2

Ss choose food from another country and write about the connections between climate, geography and food. They share their findings with other Ss.


Project Idea

Around The World Menu

Taste Your Way Around The World
Establish Context

A fresh new restaurant are looking for a country theme for their around the world menu. They need your help!

Plan a presentation for the new restaurant:

Directions for Ss:

Choose a country

Ss choose a country (in pairs).  ‘You can’t choose the same country as another pair (fastest served first)’.

Choose a theme

Themed restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant.

  • In your pairs you have to decide on a new and exciting theme that will tantalize everyone’s taste buds. ex. American Superbowl, English tea party etc.
  • Look at this website for some creative ideas : http://travelience.com/blog/themed-restaurants/
Online search

Search online for information about your chosen country (climate / geography / traditional & popular foods and drinks etc.)

Complete the worksheet

Gather information to assist with your presentation. (see slide 11 in the PPT below)

  • Research information about your chosen country (climate & geography)
  • Make a description of traditional and popular food that you will include on your menu (drinks, appetisers , mains, dessert, sides & salads etc.)
Plan a presentation

Pairs of students have to give a 2 minute sales pitch to the restaurant’s representative.  Students use images to support their pitch and perhaps make a menu. (See slideshare for image examples – slides 3 to 10).

The Big Pitch!
  1. Form a horseshoe – Divide the class into A pairs (sit on the inside of the horseshoe) and B pairs (sit on the outside of the horseshoe)
  2. A pairs present their pitch first while B pairs take the role as restaurant representatives 
  3. B pairs listen carefully to the A pairs and also complete the rubric (see slideshare above – slide 12)
  4. The A pairs have 2 minutes to present to the restaurant representatives (NB: ensure that pairs plan what each other will present prior to starting)
  5. When the 2 minutes are up, A pairs present again by moving clockwise meeting a different pair of restaurant representatives (like speed dating).
  6. This continues until every group has presented to all of the restaurant representatives then students switch roles.
Vote: The new themed menu will be…

Ss vote on their favourite themed menu (they secretly circle their favourite on their rubric.  They then provide a positive comment for their choice.  Collect all of the rubrics and count the votes.  Explain to the Ss that we will all be visiting the new restaurant tonight and trying out the winning pairs menu 😛



We are always on the lookout for engaging activities to try out with our students. If you have any food related activities that you’d be interested in sharing with us, please start a conversation in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Happy teaching!


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